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Multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual, multireligious
Multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual, multireligious…

State School Board, Stuttgart

The State School Board in Stuttgart, Germany, with Psychological Counselling Service is one of the 21 local school authorities in the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The State School Board Stuttgart is responsible for the Primary-Schools, Secondary-Schools and the Schools for Pupils with Special Needs. Approximately 2.300 teachers offer primary and secondary education at these about 140 schools. The schools are visited by round about 33.000 pupils recruiting from more than 50 different countries.

The main tasks for the State School Board in Stuttgart are the administrative and technical supervision of the teachers and school directors and the development of staff and schools.  Most of the in-service training for teachers is organized and evaluated by the Local Education Authority. Additional fields of activities are conflict management, crisis intervention, management of exams and certification regulation and continuing education for teachers. The integrated psychological counselling centre advices not only teachers, head teachers, pupils, but also parents on issues such as behavioral problems, performance shortfalls, school career decisions and bullying. The centre also provides supervision for teachers and principals and offers guidance to expert educational advisors.

The State School Board in Stuttgart has an executive manager, 9 qualified school inspectors, 12 school psychologists, 11 administrative experts and 21 experts for special educational and administrative services. Such special services include early childhood education, integration and migration, inclusion, equal rights, sports and musical education at schools.

One of the main tasks of the State School Board in Stuttgart is to provide regional teachers’ training. Over 30 teachers act as consultants and expert advisors. They plan and perform in-service teacher training. In addition to special training for specific teaching subjects, the school board also offers thematic seminars i.e. on cooperative learning, individual learning support and inclusion. The State School Board in Stuttgart also supports and assists initiatives and collaborations with non-school partners in the field of education and upbringing of children, but also in the education and guidance of parents.

Stuttgart is an international metropolitan urban center. This is also reflected in the diversity of pupils. Schools in Stuttgart offer educational and learning services to pupils and young adults from more than 50 countries of origin. During the last decade, the number of migrant teachers has been increasing significantly. Some schools have developed special programs for intercultural learning provision.

In 2006, the City of Stuttgart and the State School Board Stuttgart started the “Migranten machen Schule” initiative (“Migrants make school”). This initiative intended to recruit more teachers with migration background for schools in Stuttgart. The most important aim was to integrate special resources, skills and talents of these teachers into learning provision at all schools in Stuttgart and to value skills and competences of migrants in teaching. The initiative also included special training programs for teachers. As of 2010/2011, the Ministry for Culture and Education in Baden-Württemberg extended this initiative into a state-wide program with regional intercultural networks of teachers. These networks succeeded to open up educational services, learning provision, school administrations and stakeholders for transcultural aspects of teaching. The regional networks serve as advisors for schools and principals. They organize exchange of experience and best practice, offer vocational continuing qualification of teachers with and without individual migration history and they coordinate intercultural seminars and training programs. The State School Board in Stuttgart supports these “Migrants make school”-networks with staff and guidance in order to prepare clear pathways towards a sustainable transcultural qualification of teachers.

Contact Information

State School Board Stuttgart
Staatliches Schulamt Stuttgart, Bebelstrasse 48, 70193 Stuttgart, Germany
0049 711 6376 100
F 0049 711 6376 251
E poststelle@ssa-s.kv.bwl.de
W www.schulamt-stuttgart.de


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